Ukiyo-e prints sizes

Ukiyo-e has a standardized sizing system.
"Oban" (39x27cm) is half the size of the standard-sized paper known as "O-bosho" (54x39cm), and "Chuban" size is a fourth of the original sheet.
Here are other sizes for your reference.
*Prints may vary from the stated standard dimensions. Please contact us for precise sizes.

Format taken from O-bosho(54×39cm)

O-bosho was the most common form of paper in the late Edo period.

Obanapprox. 39×27cmHalf of O-bosh
Chubanapprox. 27×19.5cmHalf of Oban
Kobanapprox. 19.5×13.5cmQuarter of Oban
Tanzaku banapprox. 39×13.5cmVertical quarter of O-bosho
Otanzaku banapprox. 39×18cmVertical One-third of O-bosho

Format taken from Kobosho (47×33cm)

Hosobanapprox. 15.5×33cmVertical One-third of Kobosho
Aibanapprox. 23.5×33cmVertical Half of Kobosho

Format taken from Takenaga-hosho (52×77cm)

Nagabanapprox. 52×25.6cmOne-third of Takenaga-hosho
Hashira-eapprox. 13×77cmVertical quarter of Takenaga-hosho