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[News] 2024 The 59th annual Tanabata Auction

We are pleased to announce that the Tanabata Auction, organized by Meiji Kotenkai, will be held once again this year at the Tokyo Kosho Kaikan!

2024 The 59th annual Tanabata Auction

Renowned as Japan’s largest and oldest auction, the Tanabata Auction follows a silent/blind bid format, where the highest bid at the conclusion of the auction determines the successful bidder.
Prior to the auction, we invite everyone to attend a pre-auction viewing on Friday, July 5th, and Saturday, July 6th. This special viewing allows you to marvel at the extraordinary collection of valuable cultural materials and exquisite works of art that will be exhibited. No reservation is required, and admission is free. Feel free to join us at your convenience.

Please note that bids for this auction can only be placed through member stores of the Japanese Association of Dealers in Old Books. If you are interested in participating and placing a bid, kindly contact us for further assistance.



No.65 夏目漱石書簡巻

“Letters to Mori Kenkichi from Natsume Soseki”

No.114 川端康成草稿『眠れる美女』

Kawabata Yasunari Hand-Brush Manuscript “House of Sleeping Beauties”

No.198 橘小夢画幅

“Anchin and Kiyohime” by Tachibana Sayume

No.245 井上有一書幅「凪」

“凪(calm)” by Inoue Yuichi

No.385 手塚治虫原画 ぼくの孫悟空

Tezuka Osamu Hand-Drawn Manuscript “My Son Goku”

No.411 鳥山明色紙 ドラゴンボール

“Dragon Ball” by Toriyama Akira

No.678 魯迅・増田渉書幅

Calligraphy Scroll by Lu Xun, Masuda Wataru

No.776 木曽街道六十九次

“Sixty-nine Stations of the Kisokaido Road” by Utagawa Kuniyoshi *complete set

No.817 横浜交易西洋人荷物運送之図

“Westerners Loading Trading Goods at Yokohama” by Utagawa Sadahide

No.831 月百姿

“One Hundred Aspects of the Moon” by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi *complete set

No.844 京坂名所図絵

“Famous Places of Keihan” by Nomura Yoshikuni

No.904 鉄道省国際観光局宣伝ポスター Japan

“Ministry of Railways International Tourism Promotion Poster Japan”
*Including “Dojo-ji” woodblock print by Ito Shinsui

No.905 鉄道省国際観光局宣伝ポスター Japan

“Ministry of Railways International Tourism Promotion Poster Japan”
*Including “Miyajima in Snow” woodblock print by Kawase Hasui

No.908 川瀬巴水木版画「東京十二題 明石町乃雨後」

“Twelve Scenes of Tokyo / Akashicho After the Rain” by Kawase Hasui

No.1037 山王御祭礼本両替町北鞘町附祭絵巻

“Tale of Sanno Festival Honryogaecho Kitasayacho” by Kuniyoshi


To learn more about the Tanabata Auction and explore the items available for sale, we invite you to visit the official website.
Additionally, for those who prefer physical copies, hard copy catalogues can be purchased at our member stores. We encourage you to browse through them at your convenience.

2024 The 59th annual Tanabata Auction
Preview : 7/5(Fri) 10:00-18:00, 7/6(Sat) 10:00-17:00
Bid day : 7/7(Sun) *Dealers only
Venue:Tokyo Kosho Kaikan (3-22 Kanda Ogawamachi,Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to 101-0052)

[Official website of the Tanabata Auction]
*only available in Japanese