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DATE:September / 2017
PAGE:65 pages
PRODUCTS:152 articles
Hiroshi Yoshida Prints Special Features

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P.1-10 (The United Sates Series / Europe Series / Twelve Scenes in the Japan Alps)

The Honolulu Aquarium / El Capitan / The Grand Canyon / Lake Moraine / The Jungfrau / The Wetterhorn / The Matterhorn / The Breithorn / The Town of Lugano / A Canal in Venice / The Acropolis Ruins / The Acropolis Ruins at Night / The Sphinx / The Sphinx at Night / Twelve Scenes in the Japan Alps "Sunrise on Eboshidake","Morning on Tsurugisan"
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P.11-20 (Twelve Scenes in the Japan Alps / The Inland Sea Series / Ten Views of Fuji)

Twelve Scenes in the Japan Alps : "From the Summit of Shiroumadake","Hodakadake","From Daitenjodake","Goshikigahara","The Kurobe River","Tateyama Betsuzan","Camping at Washibadake","Yarigadake","Climbing a Snow Valley at Harinoki","Snow Grouse and Dicentra Flowers / The Inland Sea Series : "Glittering Sea","Evening after Rain","Sailing Boats-Evening","Sailing Boats-Night"/ Ten Views of Fuji : "Yoshida Village","The Horse Turnback at Umagaeshi","The Kengamine Summit","Autumn"
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P.21-30 (Ten Views of Fuji / Twelve Scenes of Tokyo / At the Zoological Garden / 1926)

Ten Views of Fuji : "Okitsu","Musashino" / Twelve Scenes of Tokyo : "The Sumida River","The Sumida River in the Evening","The Sumida River in the Mist","Kameido","The Iris Garden at Horikiri","Shinobazu Pond","Kagurazaka Street after a Night Rain","The old Inner Citadel" / At the Zoological Garden "Sulphur-crested Cockatoo","Salmon-crested Cockatoo","Major Mitchell`s Cockatoo" / The Tone River / Himeji Castle in the Morning / Himeji Castle in the Evening / Nigatsudo / Willow and Stone Bridge
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P.31-40 (1926 / 1927 / 1928)

Greengrocery at Nezu / A Lanternmaker / Carp in a Pond / The Nakabusa River Rapids / The Kiso River / A Beach in Boshu / Winter in Taguchi / Sleighs / Storytelling in the Mountains / Study of a Nude / Atami Spa / The Great Bridge of Sanjo in Kyoto / Hodakadake after Rain / Sea of Clouds at Houozan / Numazaki Pasture / Takahama Port on the Inland Sea / Reflection Lake on Mount Rainier / Evening in Venice / The Court of Lions, the Alhamabra / The Acropolis at Night / The Castle of Chillon
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P.41-50 (1929 / Four Garden Scenes / The Inland Sea Series-Second Series / India and Southeast Asia)

Kajiyashiki / Suiren Marsh at Hakkodasan / Autumn Foliage at Hakkodasan / Itoigawa in the Morning / Itoigawa in the Evening / Fujisan from Gotenba / Hakuba and Yarigadake / Four Garden Scenes : "A Garden in Okayama on a Spring Morning","A Garden by Lake Biwa" / The Inland Sea Series-Second Series : "Manabeshima","Konoshima","Tomonoura Godowns","Tomonoura Harbor","Abuto in the Morning","Waiting for the Tide","A Calm Day","Three Little Islands","Kinoe" / The Victoria Memorial / The Ghat at Varanasi / The Taj Mahal Gardens at Night / The Taj Mahal on a Moonlit Night No.4 / Snake Charmers / The Outskirts of Agra No.3 / The Shalimar Gardens in Lahore / Caravan from Afghanistan / Caravan from Afghanistan on a Moonlit Night / The Outskirts of a Town
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P.51-60 (Kansai District / Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossom / 1935 / Korea and Manchuria / 1937 / 1938 / 1939)

A Country Festival at Kono / Night in Kyoto / The Gate to Bunnosuke Teahouse / Sarusawa Pond / Seta Bridge / Hayase / A Small Town in Chugoku District / A Small Restaurant at Night / Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossom : "Sankeien","Hirosaki Castle","Spring Rain","Temple Bell Tower","The Chion`in Temple Gate","An Avenue of Cherry Trees in Full Bloom" / Yoshikawa / Suzukawa / Gion Shrine / Daedong Gate / Changgyong Palace / The Great South Gate at Mukden / Shirahama / Ikenohata / Shinkyo / Cryptomeria Avenue / A Misty Day in Nikko / Toshogu Shrine / Yomei Gate / Utagahama / Teahouse / The Calm Northern Sea and Rishirizan / The Way to Kasuga Shrine / Bamboo Grove
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P.61-65 (1939 / 1940 / 1941 / Reference work)

Benten Torii at Nezugaseki / Xiaogushan / Lushan / Shizhongshan / Xingzi / Omuro / A Shrine in the Deep Woods / Sanhudao / A Park in Guangzhou / Danshui / Little Harbor / An Osaka Canal / Crescent Moon / Farmhouse / The Gate in Gold and White / Tsurugisan / The Fuji New Grand Hotel / Unknown
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