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DATE: February 2021
ITEMS: 225

PP. 1-10 (YOSHIDA, Hiroshi)

America (1925) / Europe (1925) / Twelve Scenes in the Japan Alps (1926) / The Inland Sea Series (1926) / Ten Views of Fuji (1926-1928)
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PP. 11-20 (YOSHIDA, Hiroshi)

Twelve Scenes of Tokyo (1927-1929) / At the Zoological Garden (1924) / The Southern Japan Alps Series (1928) / Four Garden Scenes (1933) / The Inland Sea - Second Series (1930) / India and Southeast Asia (1931-1932) / Kansai District (1933)
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PP. 21-30 (YOSHIDA, Hiroshi)

Kansai District (1933) / Eight Scenes of Cherry Blossom (1935) / Paintings
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PP. 31-40 (YOSHIDA, Fujio / YOSHIDA, Toshi)

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PP. 41-53 (Works: YOSHIDA, Toshi / YOSHIDA, Hodaka / YOSHIDA, Chizuko / YOSHIDA, Tsukasa / Books)

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